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Remote Deposit

     To report a lost or stolen card:
     Hot Carding Support Center (1-866-546-8273)
     Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Check Imaging

Check Imaging, provided with your monthly statement, is a free service provided by Mountian View Bank of Commerce for all of our checking accounts.


We are a full service bank. Please see our web page of Banking Services for a complete listing of services to meet your needs. Please call us for more information. Instead of the standard automated phone system, one of our staff will answer the phone so that we can speak with you personally in order to answer your questions immediately or direct you to the appropriate person.

Board Members

Denny Coughlin President Coughlin Property Management
Alicia Utley Enrolled Agent Infinite Tax Solutions, LLC
Andy Ellison Chief Executive Officer Mountain View Bank of Commerce
Dave Hadani Chief Executive Officer Nebraska Heavy Industries, LLC
Ben Harris Partner Nebraska Heavy Industries, LLC
Ted Harris Managing Partner Schoolcraft Capital
Eric Pollart Attorney at Law Thomas Pollart & Miller, LLC
Jeff Reder General Partner East Fork, LLLP
Luke Saban Operating Partner Nebraska Heavy Industries, LLC
Lee R. Stuart Chief Executive Officer NBC Bancshares, LLC


Team Members

Brent Barstad Treasury Management 303-301-4191
Mitchell J. Bennett Chief Credit Officer 303-243-5405
Donald M. Buti Sr. VP of Mortgage Lending 303-243-5400
Deanna Calabrese Loan Administrator 303-243-5424
Kelly Durant Operations Officer 303-243-5402
Andy Ellison Chief Executive Officer 303-243-5401
Stephen L. Faillaci Market President 303-243-5421
Karen Hucke Personal Banker 303-243-5409
Andrew Knapp Portfolio Manager 303-243-5420
Benjamin Martin Commercial Relationship Manager 303-243-5404
Jim Ocken Vice President - SBA Loans 303-243-5419
Vangie Medina Administrative Officer 303-243-5415
John Thai Credit Analyst 303-243-5414
Crystal Valdez Personal Banker 303-243-5408
Paula Valdez Loan Operations Manager 303-243-5418